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Loop 5@5 is a round up of the top Loop PNG stories making news.

Prime Minister nominates in Pangia


Prime Minister and incumbent Member for Ialibu Pangia, Peter O’Neill has nominated today at 1:38 PM to retain his seat. He is the first candidate to nominate for this seat.


Members still have duty to perform


All current sitting members of Parliament still have the duty to represent their people during the election period.


Ugandan teen asks to remain in country


A Uganda teenager, who entered the country using a fraudulent passport in February, has asked the court to allow him to remain in PNG.


Tonight presents the best in PNG’s Hip Hop scene


It’s been a while since Naka Blood made some noise, don’t you think? How about 3Kiingz?


Digicel Cup launch deferred to next week


The 2017 Digicel Cup season launch has been deferred to next Wednesday, April 26.