Loop breakfast bites

Loop Breakfast Bites is a round up of the top Loop PNG stories making news.

Updated Games Tally

As of this afternoon these are the current medal standing for the Pacific Mini Games.



Police will not tolerate domestic violence: N’Dranou

There has been national concern on violence against women in the country.



‘What legacy are we leaving behind for our children?’

Two well respected highlands business men and inaugural winners in the 2014/2015 Season Men of Honour Award have expressed outrage at the recent reports of Sorcery Related Violence perpetrated on a 6 year old little girl last month.



Emergency response exercise sharpens skills

Emergency response crew, including medics and fire fighters, honed their expertise and knowledge in a real-time emergency response exercise at Kunaye Airport near Lihir recently.



N’Dranou highlights need for missing person’s unit

The missing persons issue is a new trend and has never been a traditional police issue let alone a program.