Locked doors greet staff

Two other government offices in Port Moresby were locked this morning over nonpayment of rentals.

Staff of the Auditor General and Public Prosecutor’s Office found chains and locks around grill doors upon their return from the Easter long weekend.

Both offices occupied levels 3 to 6 of the TISA Haus at Waigani.

A Strickland Real Estate notice read: “Under instructions from the landlord, please be advised that due to nonpayment of rental, resulting in significant rental arrears, the Public Prosecutor’s office at TISA Haus has been locked out.

"Once rental arrears are fully paid, the restriction of access will be removed.”

The building, owned by Teachers Savings and Loans Society, is managed by Strickland Real Estate.

Meantime, the Finance Department informed this newsroom they are processing payments and expect both offices to open before the end of the day.

Sally Pokiton