Leaders urged to promote debates among themselves

Leaders of political parties in Papua New Guinea are encouraged to step up and have debates among themselves.

The Registry of Political Parties would like to promote debates amongst leaders of various political parties as they must become visible to the people.

Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu urges leaders to talk about their policies thus making elections in PNG to be policy driven by the leaders of the political parties.

Dr Gelu said it’s better to put leaders of political parties together in a room and give them equal time to talk about their parties and their policies.

He said this would be an excellent opportunity for the people to make informed decisions on the presentation by the leaders.

This kind of activity can also apply to candidates contesting a particular electorate.

Dr Gelu said giving time to the candidates to talk about themselves and the policies they stand for would bring about similar outcomes to the leaders of political parties.

Quintina Naime