Landowners pay for candidates’ fees

Indigenous landowners at KiraKira Village today showed their support to their preferred candidates for the 2018 Motu Koita Assembly Elections by paying the nomination fee of K1,000 each.

They paid for the current Member for Kirakira Seat, Arutu Bake, and new candidate for the Motu Koita Assembly Chairman’s Seat, Dadi Toka Jnr.

The villagers conducted a wheelbarrow push at Kirakira to raise the funds themselves.

An overwhelmed Dadi Toka said: “The gesture of other villages mobilising to pay for candidates from another village is rare in the Motu Koita Assembly elections. However, this is a true display of an emerging and united Motu Koita.”

The writs will be issued today 30th August and both candidates will officially nominate on Saturday, 1st September, at the Electoral Commission office.

Team Toka will then deliver the Campaign Launch after the official nomination on the same afternoon at Hanuabada Village at 2pm.

Press release