Landlords shut offices without notice: Abel

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the Government was not given any notice from the landlords to close the offices.

The departments of lands and health have no office to operate in after being closed up by landlords last week.

Abel said the Government is responding and will sort out the rentals sometime this week.

“There’s a range of outstanding issues that need to be tidied up over the coming weeks, which are challenges the Government needs to solve.”

Meanwhile, he said the Government will tidy up all its books before the close of accounts today (Monday) at 4:06pm.

“I am going to do a good tidy of all books.

“I will do a good close of accounts so that those cheques not raised in the previous budget and are rolled over to 2018, will be thoroughly screened so that the Government will start 2018 in clean records.”

He said so far, the economy is improving with a positive outlook in 2018 and the Government is confident to deliver its commitment to the people.

Abel reiterated that it is not an easy job in managing such issues but the Government is handling its challenges amicably.

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Freddy Mou