Lae city experiences quiet New Year

The Morobe Capital experienced a trouble free New Year welcoming, say Lae Police boss.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr commended his personnel under his command for a tremendous job, despite been attacked by drunkards.   

Wagambie said police operation started in the evening of December 31, 2016, well before the         clocked struck midnight.     

“Police were deployed in all parts of the city. Would be troublemakers were taken off the streets; these were drunks and people acting disorderly.”

The Lae Police boss said many of the city’s red zone areas did not experience problems common in previous New Year celebrations.     

“At 12 midnight, the usual places where trouble would escalate from saw heavy police presence,” Wagambie said.  

“Places like the Miles, Boundary Road and West Taraka, where vehicles and tyres are burnt, and road blocks set up, didn't eventuate as Police were deployed well ahead of 12 midnight.

“At the Miles area we had youths throwing stones at Police, and even fired fireworks at Police who were deployed there. However, Police were able to chase them off.

“Police have exercised restraint in these situations, which in the past would have been a different story.

“This New Year morning (January 1) was just like another Sunday morning. There was peace and quiet in the city, church goers went about freely.”

Wagambie thanked the residents of West Taraka for taking ownership of law and order in their area.

“We have placed a new Police Station Commander there; he has been working tirelessly with the community and has seen a general change of attitude.”

Caption: Police parade before the New Year operation. Picture by  Anthony Wagambie Jr.  

Charles Yapumi