Kramer: I will not give up on Madang

Law and Order is becoming a major issue and a set-back in growth of Madang province.

Member for Madang Bryan Kramer is adamant to change this and significantly curb down on crime and other related issues through the right approach.

Kramer admitted that there is no secret that Madang has made head- lines for all the wrong reasons in the recent years in terms of its crime, murder, rape and hold-up’s especially, which has accumulated over time.

The member says that he is aware of this and has taken the first steps to approach this very serious issue from the provincial government level.

He said there has already been discussion with police and sectors of law and justice including briefings with former Chief justice Sir Arnold Amet on how they can put together a comprehensive program to go after law and order.

The member says that Madang is facing serious crime issues but it is indicative across the country when services collapse, people lose jobs adding that at many a times, the system fails them, which provides an opportunity for people to go into crime.

However he says he will not give up; noting that just before December the DDA office passed a K1 million budget to go after Law and order issues which are a top priority on their agenda.

Kramer said, “I expect to take about a year, once these programs go into place, we will be able to reduce crime significantly.

“However I will not overstep the boundary as law and order is the jurisdiction of the police so that we will work together in addressing this dire issue”.

Imelda Wavik