Kipit focused on change

With development, you move forward, but you do so with problems as well.

These are words by city manager Bernard Kipit when acknowledging a few issues faced in the nation’s capital.

Kipit was more specific on the traffic congestions in the city, which has been a concern to the traveling public.

He said over the last 5 – 6 years, new 4 lane roads have been built, new traffic lights installed.

But this developments also excite business and people, who tend to buy new vehicles, adding on the existing issue.

Kipit said NCDC is seriously looking at analysing now, considering options like building more feeder roads, or roads that connect – to provide alternative routes for moving vehicles, a few more roundabouts or fly-overs and tunnels.

“Those are options engineers know, that can also be used as part of how we can improve on the movement of traffic through the intersections…that’s where the problem is right now,” he said.

A civil engineer by profession, Kipit did not give a specific time on the commencement, but he says this problem should be resolved not too late.

Meantime, he stressed on the good relationship currently between NCDC and the national government and other stakeholders.

Taking the office recently, but for his second stint, Kipit is determined to see the little things achieved.

“I want to make sure that a lot of focus now must be redirected back to those little things. Improve the little things and you can connect with the big developments.”

Gloria Bauai