Kase: Borneo has the capacity to deliver

Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase, has come out to defend the Department engaging Borneo Pacific to supply pharmaceuticals and Pathology reagents.

Secretary Kase said Borneo has the capacity to distribute Pharmaceutical’s and has a reputation that they are able to deliver in terms of logistical supply thus been awarded the contract.

He said with respect to local companies most of them do not have the capacity to deliver these supplies especially to rural and remote communities’ in the country.

The Health Secretary adds that it was wise that Borneo was chosen to provide the service and the company is also based in the country.

He further made mentioned that other renowned Pharmaceutical companies in the country are also engaged to deliver these supplies where Borneo is not able to meet.

Kase further highlighted reported incidences of Health Officers stealing medicine supplies from the Badili Medical Store and illegally selling them on the streets.

He urged the general public to report sightings of such practices so that they can be dealt with by the law.

Kase said such acts were criminal in nature and thus putting strain on adequate pharmaceutical supplies reaching all health facilities in the country.


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Benny Geteng