Kandep trial next Monday

The petition trial over the Kandep open seat, filed by former MP, Don Polye will start next week Monday.

Justice Collin Makail will preside over the trial at the Waigani National Court which will run from August 13 to 31.

Polye will present his evidence through witnesses to support his allegations over the first 10 days of the trial before the Electoral Commission and sitting MP, Alfred Manase present their case.

Eight of the 10 petition grounds filed by Polye will proceed to trial.

They include allegations of Bribery, Undue influence, Illegal practice, Failure to allow candidates scruitneers at place of scrutiny, Electoral Commission failure to provide security, Counting of Hijacked ballot boxes, Apprehension of bias by the Returning Officer and Errors and omission in counting.

Sally Pokiton