Kadovar resettlement: LOs to be identified

A resettlement area has been allocated for the inhabitants of Kadovar, East Sepik Province, on the main land.

This was confirmed by the Minister for Inter-Governmental Relations and Member for Wewak Open, Kevin Isifu, during the launch of the Kadovar Appeal at Murray Barracks, Port Moresby, on Friday.

He said two major issues have been identified and will have to be rectified by this weekend.

The first is to identify and pay the landowners, which will cost up to K300,000.

“This is to make sure the land is being organised for the people of Kadovar to be relocated to,” Isifu stated.

Also being taken into account is a 1.5km missing road link to access the resettlement area that is yet to be connected as part of the disaster management plan.

K2 million has already been approved by Treasury for the National Disaster Office account to manage the Kadovar volcanic disaster operations.

“We know that in all disasters, we have to manage it properly so that we find a lasting and permanent solution to the disaster. Especially relocation,” said the Minister.

Isifu gave the assurance that as the member for Wewak, he will make sure all issues/problems are addressed so that the disaster is managed well and long term solutions will be provided and brought forward.

(Minister Kevin Isifu addressing locals early this week)

Annette Kora