Juffa outlines investigations into illegal logging

​The Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, has revealed massive breaches of various laws including environmental trespassing, labour, transport, migration and others in reaction to landowner petitions.

The Governor made these observations after the recent inspection of Ifane Agro Forestry Project

Juffa outlined that the project has been done without the approval of his Office and the Provincial Executive Council.

He highlighted that public servants in provinces corroborated with PNGFA officials and dubious "landowners" to award permits via the PNGFA BOARD to logging pirates on the pretext of "tree growing" and "agricultural projects

The Governor reveals that he further investigated some administration officials who confessed giving approvals without bringing to his attention first.

Juffa says that he presented to these officials the various areas of concern that the company blatantly breached and instructed them to act immediately and impose penalties.

The Governor had interviewed some of the landowners who all admitted they are "partners" but have not been paid despite truckloads of high value logs leaving their land.

Meanwhile a dispute remains as to who are actual landowners.

Juffa has Instructed PNGFA and Administration, to immediately furnish documents for the project and instruct the company to cease operations until they pay fines for all breaches.

He says that company will be investigated with regards to the legality of their operations, further informing all the clans to congregate by the end of November to deliberate on damages and trespassing, and compile a case to sue for damages.




Benny Geteng