Higher education reformation will continue into 2018

The electronic reformation covering the application and enrolment processes for Grade 12 school leavers will continue into next year.

The Higher Education Department plans to replace the process of manual application with electronic methods.

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Pila Niningi, said electronic application forms will be developed in the coming year to replace the traditional school leaver forms.

The exercise will make the entire selection process effective and transparent.

“Students will be able to choose academic programs and the institutions they intend to attend electronically from the high schools they are attending,” Minister Niningi said.

Furthermore, applications will be made compatible for mobile phones, enabling students to access it wherever they are.

As of January 2018, smaller institutions will be assisted by the department to develop websites and be issued IP addresses.

A backup system will also be developed where all these data and information will be safe and secured from external influences.

(A recent workshop held in Port Moresby on online selection)

Carolyn Ure