Health challenges for over 5,000 villagers

The only clinic servicing over 5000 people in villages in the Gabadi area in Kairuku district, Central Province, is in dire need for attention.

The clinic has been inactive since the month of June last year (2016).

In a recent visit to the village, the building, supposedly once housing medical supplies for the people of the Gabadi area villages, was seen to be mostly deserted.

Ward councillor Ambo Ao said both the clinic and the medical residential house were said to have gone under maintenance but work stopped due to lack of funding.

Since then, the building has been standing idle with no available service to the people in the Gabadi villages.

“Our mothers and wives have to carry our children and walk to the nearest clinic, which is about five to eight kilometres out of the Gabadi area.”

The clinic is located next to the Avabadina Primary School, which also poses a great challenge for students who fall ill.

“We have to again look for a vehicle to transport sick children to the hospital. The same goes for pregnant mothers who are about to give birth.”

This sham is a great strain for the people of Gabadi especially with a population of 5000 plus who are prone to more deceases and illnesses in a cluttered area.

“We need medical attention immediately and we need it now.”

The people are calling on the provincial government to look into this immediately as the health of the people, especially the children, are twice as important as their education.

Annette Kora