Hard labour for senior constable

Constitutional protection is guaranteed and the courts will ensure that it is there and vibrant.

Police men and women are not above the law and will comply with the laws before they enforce it, says acting judge Nicholas Miviri of the Kimbe National Court, when passing sentence against an officer who abused his authority by discharging a firearm in public in 2016 at Morokea village.

A 41-year-old senior constable, based in West New Britain Province with 22 years’ service, will spend the next two years in hard labour at Lakiemata jail.

The Kimbe National Court sentenced Kasi Puring after he was convicted for abuse of authority as a policeman, by discharging his firearm in a public area, while intoxicated and off duty on February 13, 2016, at Morokea village, Oil Palm block.

The court said he was engaged by a logging company, Cakara Alam, against its rival Evergreen, when they went to Morokea village and discharged his firearm at the foot of Vitalis Lakoya, in front of his family, before assaulting him.

Acting Judge Miviri said such an incident reflects badly on the name of the RPNGC and its other hard working men and women.

There was no evidence to show any justification for drawing his weapon while drunk.

He went on to say it is a serious matter when servants of the state are engaged by private companies to inflict terror and injuries upon its own citizens.

 Acting Judge Miviri said firearms of the state must be used for the good of the country and its citizens.

Sally Pokiton