Governor calls off protest

Today’s planned protest by a pressure group in Madang has been called off by Madang Governor Peter Yama.

Yama said instead of protesting, the pressure group should discuss the issues of settlers, law and order and others with him in the Madang provincial headquarters.

“This is the way forward,” Yama stated.

“Issues relating to the people of Madang must always be discussed with the political head of the province.”

He said the timing is not right for such protests as opportunists can use the situation to cause problems.

Yama further reiterated that their concerns must be discussed amicably.

“I am the Governor of the province and have all the right to listen to their cries,” says Yama.

He called on the people of Madang to understand his stand and not politicize issues that would affect innocent lives in the province.

Yama explained that the issue regarding the beheading of a highlander has been put to rest and the provincial administration will be repatriating the body of the late teacher to his home in Ialibu, Southern Highlands, sometime this week.

He clarified that the issue of the four youths shot by police in Gum is totally different from the beheading of the teacher in Bau and police have already commenced investigations into the issue, including the water disruption.

Meantime, leader and spokesperson of the pressure group of the planned protest, Kamal Naus, has applauded Yama’s decision to put off the protest.

Naus said as concerned citizens of the province, they will be putting a petition together and will present to the Governor today.

“We want to work with the police, communities and the Governor of Madang for the good of the people.”

Freddy Mou