Goilala LLGs get voter awareness funding

Funding for voter awareness has been given to the three Local Level Governments in the Goilala District by the District Development Authority.

Goilala is one of the most remote and challenging districts to access in terms of logistics.

With the upcoming Local Level Government Elections in August, that challenge remains in preparing the locals for the elections.

The Goilala District Authority today presented three cheques totaling K30, 000 to the Presidents of the three LLGs.

The district has 30 wards and an estimated 24,000 voters.

 It’s Member and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, William Samb said the funding will go towards voter awareness and other preparation work on the ground.

“This funding is not for us politicians to go and manipulate. We let our LLG staff to go and do their staff. If there’s any of our involvement then people will take it to be us trying to use political powers to manipulate for our course.

“Whatever we have allocated, small as it may be, it must go to our LLGS to do this work,” Samb said.

With one month to go, he said time will be of essence and the member has called for work to start work as soon as possible.

Woitape LLG President, Joe Geru said new wards were created by means of splitting up of bigger wards.

“Our people back in the provinces are yet to have access to these information and this funding is to allow our LLG administration to bring the message down to our people in the wards so come the LLG elections in August, they will be aware where their boundaries are and where their polling stations will be,” Geru added.

Sally Pokiton