Fraud officers appointed for Lands Dept

Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Justin Tkatchenko, announced this week that three fraud officers will be attached with the department starting today.

The Minister stated that the director of fraud will be handing over the three officers, who will be permanently based in the lands department.

Tkatchenko reiterated that the officers’ first objective would be to go through more than 400 files and complaints laid in the lands department over the last six months.

“This is not a witch hunt, it is finally an opportunity to open doors to the lands department so frustrations and complaints can be dealt with accordingly. Enough is enough!”

The Minister said process is never followed, and the new initiative taken for the fraud officers to be attached to the department is a way forward.

Tkatchenko noted that many cases have gone unsolved but this will not happen again.

He has acknowledged the Police hierarchy as well as the Police minister for allowing the officers to work together with the lands department to bring to light corruption and other related issues.


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Imelda Wavik