The forum that is openly fighting corruption

At present, the forum that is openly fighting corruption in this country is social media.

Dr James Naipao, president of the National Doctors Association, responded to this newsroom when asked about our leaders’ alleged plans to close Facebook.

Dr Naipao said mass monitoring and controlling of the media, including the social media, by the government lacks foresight and is a knee jerk decision.

“Our elected leaders should be subjected to criticisms, must be open for correction and must be reported for the wrong doings,” said the NDA president.

“No leader should be immune to that. Immunity is found in other forms of government, but not in our democracy.”

Whilst the adverse effects of social media can be discussed as a written examination test for grade ten in the country, Dr Naipao believes the positiveness of it is enduring.

“The powerful tool that keeps our democracy alive and vibrant is the ‘Freedom of Speech’ embedded in our Constitution. And all forms of media have given us this advantage.

“A message to our current Government, do not bury our democracy.”

(NDA president - Dr James Naipao)

Carmella Gware