Election of GG’s post politically motivated: Basil

The election of the country’s 10th Governor-General will be done to suit the interest of the current government, says Deputy Opposition leader Sam Basil.

Basil, who is the local Bulolo MP, said the writing is already on the wall.

He told Loop PNG that the O’Neill – Dion Government have the majority numbers in Parliament and had used that to bulldoze laws to suit their political interest in this term, and the Governor-General’s post will be no different.

Basil said, any appeal by the Opposition for a neutral person to be the country’s head of state will not be heard because it’s becoming a waste of time.

The current GG, Sir Michael Ogio who was elected by Parliament on 25 February 2011 term will expire next month.

Election of the new Governor-General will be done before this term of Parliament ends in March.


Charles Yapumi