Eda Ranu: Situation under control

Residents of Port Moresby have been advised to store water as the continuous rains have resulted in mud and silt overflowing into two of Eda Ranu’s Rouna Dams.

Without warning a city wide shut down was initiated after the Dams overflowed causing mud and silt to flow into the treatment facility.

Eda Ranu Managing Director, Henry Mokono, said further rains could see water supply affected.

In a media conference today, Eda Ranu Managing Director, Henry Mokono, said the immediate shut down was necessary to address the overflow of mud and silt.

“Two of our dams up at Rouna 4 and Rouna 1 & 3 where we actually get the raw water from, have been affected because of this rubbish and dirt and mud. 

“That’s why the water treatment plant was shut down. Which means there’s no water coming into the city,” he said.

Mokono said currently the six main reservoirs in the city are on standby to assist if the problem continues with a rationing plan put in place.

“We just have this supply to cater to emergencies and hospitals. So some parts of the city or some sections within the city will be affected with no water or low water (pressure).”

The Managing Director is advising residents to be prepared for such emergencies by storing water.

He said the situation is under control and Eda Ranu is working around the clock to ensure the issue is addressed.

“Our people are out there monitoring the situation from upstream to all the network in the city.

Water is expected to return to normalcy by the end of today.

Cedric Patjole
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