Disaster Controller raises concern on medical supply

The Office of the Controller of the Emergency Disaster Coordination has raised concerns with the issue of medical supply for people at the disaster stricken provinces in the Highlands region.

Controller, Dr William Hamblin said his office is working with the Department of Health to supply vaccines and other logistical support needed by the people.

Dr Hamblin said ‘care centres’ have been set up to provide medical treatments to the people and also assist with the relief supply.

He added that most of the people’s villages were destroyed and the repatriation will take a while

“People are now in care centres but more needed to be done, especially medical supplies.”

Dr Hamblin also raised concerned about the C130 choppers from Australia which will be leaving next week and must look for an alternative mode of transport to supply the relief supply.

“We will be looking for alternatives as the C130 helicopters will be leaving next week and we must quickly solve this as relief supply will be affected if nothing will be done.”

Meantime, he thanked all the donor agencies that have donated to the relief efforts especially to Australia, New Zealand, China and various donor agencies.

Freddy Mou