Degree program for teachers colleges

Teachers colleges throughout the country will offer bachelor of education in primary teaching next year.

The Holy Trinity Teachers College (HTTC) in Mt Hagen was the first to take on board the bachelor in education in primary teaching in 2014.

This will give teachers an opportunity to apply for the degree program at colleges in the respective provinces.

Representatives from four teacher colleges in the Highlands – Enga, Nipa (in Southern Highlands), Nazarene (in Jiwaka) and Chimbu – attended a one-day meeting last month (August 23) with the management of the Holy Trinity Teachers College to share ideas, views and experiences on how to introduce the degree program next year.

The gathering was attended by college principals, deputy principals and senior lecturers.

The main agenda discussed was the national curriculum and the revision of the program specification document (PSD) currently used in primary teachers colleges.

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