Criminal complaint lodged against Kramer: O’Neill

The office of the Member for Ialibu-Pangia says a criminal complaint has been lodged against Police Minister Bryan Kramer by Principal of Niuage Lawyers, George Lau.

In a statement released today, former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the complaint, filed today with the Royal PNG Constabulary Metropolitan Superintendent, seeks a full criminal investigation into the actions of Kramer on allegations of forging an official police warrant.

O’Neill said this is chargeable under Official Corruption Section 87 of the Criminal Code Act and Forgery under Section 462 Criminal Code Act, and further for defamation under Section 21 (2) of the Cyber Crime Code Act.

O’Neill said the affidavit filed by Detective Senior Constable of the NCD Fraud Squad, Kila Tali, to support his withdrawal of the arrest warrant, stated that the arrest warrant was defective.

“Detective Senior Constable Tali attached a copy of the arrest warrant to this affidavit that did not have a single category for effecting the warrant marked and articulated,” stated the Ialibu-Pangia MP.

“On this basis, the warrant was withdrawn.

“However, the warrant that Kramer posted in various online forums, including Facebook, had been forged to include one of the category boxes being marked and this is where the forgery has occurred,” O’Neill alleged. (

“Mr. Kramer is so desperate to misuse police powers that he has presented a fake police document.

“This intervention by a police minister into police operations is unconstitutional and highly illegal and amounts to official corruption.

“It is also of great importance that the Ombudsman Commission urgently review this matter on their own initiative.

“It is now incumbent upon the Acting Police Commissioner to properly and lawfully execute the authority of police and have this complaint fully investigated without further political interference.”

On the other hand, the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said he has not seen the complaint yet.

“I can't make a comment until I see it tomorrow morning,” N’Dranou told this newsroom.

(Peter O'Neill file picture)


Carmella Gware