Cop found guilty over cab driver shooting

A Police officer who shot a cab driver at 6 mile on 21 November 2013 after a chase from Erima has been convicted by the National Court for wilful murder and is awaiting Sentence.

Freddie Lisa, was part of a motorized police patrol unit that operated out of Gordons Police Station in 2013 when he and other officers were involved in a case chase with Martin Pauls between 6 and 7pm that evening.

Lisa stood trial before Justice George Manuhu at Waigani and was convicted after it was established beyond reasonable doubt, he fired a pump action shot gun at a very close range at the Taxi which caused life threatening injuries to the neck and head of the deceased.

A home-made gun found in the hands of the deceased by police forensics about an hour after the shooting, was placed at the scene in an attempt by Lisa to shift the blame onto the deceased. 

The passengers who were in the cab told the court at trial that the deceased was not armed at the relevant time.

“In any case, there was no evidence that the deceased shot himself in the head and neck,” Justice Manuhu said when handing down his ruling.

Lisa will return to court next week Monday where submissions will be made to court on what his penalty sentence should be.

Sally Pokiton