Concerns over sexual related offences

21 reports of six different crimes were reported to Port Moresby police over the last seven days.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou stated that the crimes reported to police stations around Port Moresby include;

  • Four reports on armed robberies;
  • Five reports filed on armed hold ups and stolen vehicles;
  • Three breaks and enter and stealing reports filed;
  • Four homicide cases filed;
  • Six reports on sexual related offense filed and
  • One case of fraud.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou reiterated again that his main concern is the reports filed for sexual related offence.

“It’s not diminishing at all. The trend is same. We get one or two reported per day.”

Meantime, N’Dranou said he will be holding a meet with media organizations at the end of this week to come up with a working awareness program where they can address these high sexual case offences.

“That is good thing now for police where we try to partner with media and stakeholders to do awareness to address the increase of high sexual offence cases.”

He adds that most of the perpetrators are people known in the community and are close to the minors.

“My message again, the same message is be careful. Never leave your children especially young girls alone. They must always be in the presence of their parents.”

Annette Kora