Combined PNG, Australia police investigations on alleged drug run

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary says it is working closely with the Australian Federal Police and their partners in investigations into a light aircraft allegedly involved in running drugs.

It is alleged the pilot of a light aircraft attempted to collect drugs between 1pm and 2.30pm on 26 July. He was allegedly aided by a number of PNG persons. However, the aircraft is believed to have crashed whilst attempting to take-off from a remote airstrip at Papa Lea Lea, north of Port Moresby.

The aircraft was later found largely intact, but with significant damage.

“We believe the PNG members of this criminal group assisted the pilot and retrieved the drugs from the plane. The investigation into the location of the drugs continues in PNG, with the RPNGC working closely with the AFP as part of the ongoing international cooperation that has been a feature of this investigation,” Police Commissioner David Manning said.

The Australian national, alleged to be the pilot, is assisting the RPNGC.

The RPNGC seeks information from members of the public who may have knowledge of this criminal group’s activities or the location of stockpiled drugs in PNG.

Police are in possession of information related to the suspected PNG members of the group who have been involved in this criminal activity, including descriptions, unique features and tattoos.

“Those persons are encouraged to come forward to police, as we will find them,” Manning warned.

The RPNGC will release further information as the joint investigation progresses.

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