Churches, Govt to tackle issues

People are calling on tougher penalties for perpetrators of sorcery-related violence and other law and order issues.

The government is considering death penalty in response to this.

But it is still an area they will work closely with the churches to see through, says Minister for ICT and Energy, Sam Basil.

In an event with the PNG Council of Churches yesterday, Minister Basil touched on the need to include churches in addressing these issues.

The Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir John Cardinal Ribat, said the churches are ready to confront this issue in a common effort.

“We’ll bring the churches together to work on an approach. We’ll try to have the same approach through all churches,” he said.

But he further added that police and the justice systems also need to strongly enforce the law on their end.

“Churches will always be there….we are ready always to work together.

“All areas of concern must work together,” he said.

(Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir John Cardinal Ribat)

Gloria Bauai