Church damaged, leaders call for explanation

Church leaders in Port Moresby are calling for an explanation from authorities after the posts of their recently-erected structure were damaged on November 15th.

The church of Soul Harvesters Fellowship PNG, at June Valley, observed their Sunday service today despite this setback.

The National Secretary of Soul Harvesters Fellowship PNG, Philip Yoko, said their structure was damaged without a formal eviction notice nor was a reasonable timeframe given.

Yoko said they were only given two days before the structure was pulled down, describing such an act as “unconstitutional” and against the Christian principles embraced by this nation.

“I call upon the governor to come and properly explain to these people here. It’s not only this church, but the Soul Harvesters fellowship in entirety. We have about 42 plus churches in this country. And Soul Harvest is upset; it’s been in this country for 30 years.

“And as the national secretary of this church, I am hurt. I believe the national board of Soul Harvesters they are also hurt.”

Pastor Geoffrey Aua said the church was in mourning since Friday.

He outlined that they assist the government when it comes to addressing social and law and order issues.  

“This place, June Valley, Tokarara, is a notorious area. And as we moved in, about two years ago, this place has changed,” said Ps Aua. “And most of these youths they come over and have fellowship with us.”

Women’s leader Ruth Avakea said they were treated as criminals.

“And it shows that the church they removed, they were thinking that it was a hiding place. Hatwok mipla wokim lo bildim disla cherch em weist nating.”

The church bought the land for K60,000 to build their place of worship.

Meantime, the NCDC said they were not aware of the situation.

(Article by Jim John – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Jim John