Central Provincial Land Board reestablished

After almost 16 years, a new Central Provincial Land Board has been reestablished.

This was the statement by Governor Robert Agarobe during the swearing-in of the new board members today.

During the swearing-in of the seven board members, Central Governor Robert Agarobe said land issues are prevalent around the country, and Central Province is no exception.

He believes that the establishment of a land board will ensure this commodity will be utilised in a more coordinated and sustainable manner for his people’s benefit. 

“For so long due to the absence of this vital institution, all land dealings affecting the people of Central Province have been done at the national level, whereby in most cases, we at the provincial level do not have any input,” he stated.

“And sometimes, decisions are made to our detriment.

“Hopefully, the establishment of the land board will minimise this scenario.”

Agarobe further conveyed his government’s wish to the Lands Minister, to work in collaboration with his department as changes made in the National Capital District will impact his province.

He also challenged the seven board members to ensure the province’s land issues are mitigated.

Meantime, the board members are:

  1. John Orea – Vice-chairman
  2. Reuben Kaiulo
  3. Peter Gutuma
  4. Morea Arua
  5. Kila Bae
  6. Mary Muru
  7. Fr Paul Guy
Carmella Gware