Central PCC: So far so good

Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi, has said police in the province will ensure the people are allowed to cast their votes freely.


Speaking this week from the one day polling in Babaka village, Asi reported: “We began on Saturday morning, deploying men to the different districts. People are being orderly and going to cast their votes. So far so good.

“I would encourage people to go to their polling places and vote. We won’t allow people to intimidate or influence or bribe voters. The people must exercise their democratic right and vote for the candidate of their choice,” said Asi.

He said Kairuku-Hiri, Abau and Rigo district all have full police presence on ground except for Goilala, which still needs another 25 more police officers to add to the 35 already stationed there.

Asi explained the delay was due to bad weather conditions, adding police officers should be flown yesterday (Friday).

Asi mentioned some officers were not paid their allowances.

“It’s an administrative matter that we’re currently looking into. I’m still encouraging my men to go for polling. The issue with allowances is being sorted out. Nobody will miss out,” said Asi.

He finished by saying his men are on full alert during the polling period and for when counting starts.

“To the people of Central Province, this is an opportunity that comes every five years so make use of it.

“We don’t want any illegal issues that will hamper the democratic process. Cast your votes freely,” said Asi.

Troy Taule