Celebrating freedom

If there is a reason to celebrate, it’s freedom.

“Freedom was won without any bloodshed,” says the PNG Nanjing students’ vice president, Maxwell Komonga.

Komonga was speaking during their 42nd PNG independence anniversary commemoration on Friday (September 16th) in Nanjing City of China.

“Let’s all celebrate with one heart and spirit,” he said.

“United we stand as patriotic Papua New Guineans.”

Over 40 people from PNG, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and Kiribati attended the event.

One of the students told Loop PNG: “The atmosphere was full of joy and happiness and other Pacific Island countries came with their country’s flag, proudly raised it up with the PNG flag to celebrate the 42nd PNG Independence anniversary. 

“It was a proud moment seeing students of Pacific Island countries working together in a Pacific team spirit, representing their countries and government as ambassadors on foreign soil.”

The PNG Nanjing students said they experienced academic improvements when working together.

“The Pacific Island team spirit in Nanjing City had shown good results in Pacific students’ last academic term.

“The Pacific students in Chinese language school all had passed their academic requirements and entered Chinese university to continue with their major studies.”

Carmella Gware