Carjacking suspect in police custody

A suspect is in police custody following an armed carjacking at Gerehu stage 4 in Port Moresby.

He was part of a four-man gang that held up occupants of a vehicle between 9.30am and 10am today.

Police report that the four men were on foot when they held up the unsuspecting occupants of the vehicle, where it was driven off to Ensisi Valley.

A member of the public called the NCD Toll Free number, reporting seeing four youths acting suspiciously in a parked vehicle.

“The vehicle had been driven along a street at Ensisi Valley and stopped at the dead end,” said acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD/Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“A Zone 1 support unit on receiving the call from NCD Police Operations room proceeded to the location. Upon seeing the vehicle parked at the dead end, the Police unit sped towards them.

“The four men were caught by surprise, three of them able to get away on foot, whilst one who was in the vehicle was caught by Police.

“Police pursued on foot after the three up the mountain between Ensisi and June Valley. The gang members fired upon Police. Police returned fire. One was shot in the leg but was carried by his two accomplices.

“The vehicle was recovered in good condition with the key still in the ignition. It is now at Boroko Police Station and will be returned to the owner.

“The lone suspect apprehended will be charged by Boroko CID. A loaded homemade gun with ammunition was also recovered.”

In a separate incident on September 17th, a stolen vehicle was recovered after its occupants were held up at Vadavada at about 6.30pm when suspects pulled up beside them in another vehicle.

Four suspects forced the occupants out of the vehicle and drove off in the stolen motor vehicle.

A member of the public made a call using the NCD Police Toll Free number, where a Zone 3 support unit that was in the vicinity gave chase.

The driver of the stolen motor vehicle went off the road and into a drain at Manu Autoport.

No suspects were apprehended while the vehicle was recovered with the key still in the ignition.

In response to the incidents, Wagambie Jnr said the Police Zones were set up by ACP Donald Yamasombi and metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou.

“This is to ensure that the City is divided into three Policing zones and for better planning and coordination.

“I commend members of the community for using the Toll Free number to call Police to report such incidences.

“My plan for the Sector Patrol will strengthen this. I intend to enhance policing to have presence and response time improved.

“NCD has a high rate of armed hold up, stolen motor vehicles on average of six to ten a week.

“We will, as a team, work out strategies to counter this.

“I commend the Police units for their quick response.”

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