Bullying the media must stop

The Media Council of Papua New Guinea says primitive, close-minded thinking, and a general lack of understanding of the role of the media, is at the root of the latest attack on the media.

The MCPNG is referring to the assault of Post Courier’s Lae-based Journalist, Frankiy Kapin, by officers of the Governor for Morobe.

In a statement today the council highlighted that for the officers of a provincial governor to intimidate and assault a single Papua New Guinean journalist on unfounded allegations of bias, is a shame to the public office to which they report.

“The Media does not take sides. Its role is to report on and inform its audiences, who are the people of PNG, on the performance of its elected leaders; based on a generally accepted level and standard of effective leadership.

“It does not push the agenda of any single personality, or grouping.

“Intimidation of media practitioners is draconian behaviour, and something neither accepted, nor condoned by the industry.

“We the media are the voice for many who have no say about how public funds are being expended, or how offices of leadership are run”, the statement read.

Meantime, the MCPNG further called on the Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu to educate his officers, that attacking the media or its journalists is not the way to improving the public image of the Office of the Governor.

“As representatives of the Media in PNG, we call for an immediate apology from the Governor’s Office, and an assurance that no such incidents will be repeated in future.

“The MCPNG commends Mr. Kapin for reporting the incident to police, and would like to call on the police in Lae, to ensure justice is swiftly served”.


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