Bird aims to protect his people’s future

Governor for East Sepik Allan Bird has made quite the headline since becoming the mandated leader for the province.

Since the alleged airport kidnap of another candidate, where Bird was caught in the middle, he says he will not get involved in anything else that takes place in Port Moresby unless it concerns the people of East Sepik.

Bird has his sight set on building provincial capacity so as to protect his people’s future from potentially poor financial and investment decisions of the government.

He says while he understands that the devaluation of kina is unavoidable, he is sure that an O’Neill-led government will not support his ideas at the national level.

Today, he publicly stated he will return home to Wewak if he is in the alternate government.

However, if he makes government, he will keep his party’s promises to the people, but concentrate exclusively on his province.

Salome Vincent