Be a generator of jobs rather a job seeker: Prof Nembou

Divine Word University President Professor Cecilia Nembou has encouraged graduating students at the 35th graduation of the Divine Word University to ‘be a generator of jobs rather a job seeker’.


Professor Nembou said graduation is just the beginning of a new journey to explore new opportunities at the market place.

“You have worked very hard and persevered, and can rightly feel proud of your achievements.

“Graduations mark the start of a new and wonderful journey in life ahead growing from the seeds you have sowed during your period at the University.

“You are now equipped with the tools that will help you forge a future for yourself – in a future of immense possibilities—and a future that you will make with your own efforts.”

She told the students that the graduation is the end of university to look after them during their four years of study; thus now is the time for their parents’ to take on that responsibility.

“Never give up when applying for job, that’s reality, ever university graduates is facing after graduation.”

She said the real world will offer you colourful opportunities but you have to be critical with your decision before venturing into those opportunities.

“Don’t expect promotion to come quickly as you have to prove yourself to your employer,” she said.

Elliot Dawea