Be careful with fire, electricity: Commander

Residents in Port Moresby have been urged to be careful when using fire or electricity.

Gerehu fire station commander, superintendent John Gareresi, said fire is dangerous and can cause loss of lives and damages to properties, thus, people should take precaution when using electric stoves, gas, candles or open fires.

He issued this advice after a section of the Laloki psychiatric hospital, a real estate building and UPNG’s first year’s hall of residence recently went up in flames.

According to their statistics, either electrical faults or candle lights cause fire.

Supt Gareresi said such accidents can be avoided if people are careful when handling things like matches, gas lighters, open flames or electrical appliances.

Meanwhile, the Gerehu fire station has not been receiving any calls as its landlines have been out of service since 2009.

“Our technicians have reported this matter but the feedback was not good. The only way we receive calls is through our radio system communication centre at the office, working 24 hours in a week and respond to calls upon advice from the office,” stated Supt Gareresi.

He stated that this issue was raised during a recent fire safety awareness conducted in NCD but as usual, it fell on deaf ears.

“We struggle, we have problems, even you see written phone numbers on fire trucks, when you call that number, we cannot receive it because there is no landline. Our communication system is still down.”

The Gerehu fire station needs its landlines to be fixed to ensure their prompt response to emergencies.

(Article by Jim John – Final year UPNG Journalism student; Picture of Gerehu fire station commander, Superintendent John Gareresi)

Jim John