Battalion holds fitness assessment march

The First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment this morning held a route march as part of their combat fitness assessment training.

The battalion marched a combined 27 km along the Magi highway towards their battalion headquarters at Taurauma.

The March was a culmination of their Mission Rehearsal exercise as part of their APEC 2018 security preparations.

According to the Battalion Commander, Lt Colonel Boniface Aruma, the march is part and parcel of any training ahead of major troop operations.

He said that as part of the fitness assessment activity each soldier is required to complete a 27km march with a 30kg pack in full field gear.

Meantime, Aruma adds that this training will see his men lead onto the main Commanders certification training in July.

The march today wraps up 12 days of Mission rehearsal exercises held by the battalion in anticipation for the main APEC leaders’ week in November.

Julianna Waeda