Basil suspended from Pangu Pati

The Pangu Pati Executive Council has suspended the party leader and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil, from the party.

Party president Patrick Pundao made this announcement today in Port Moresby after its Council meeting on May 4 to sideline the leader.

Pundao said Basil was accorded natural justice to respond before the council made the decision but he never did.

He said the decision is regrettable but it had to be made to preserve the principles and ideals for which Pangu Pati was established and stood for since independence.

Pundao claimed that Basil’s action as the party leader in the past three years has been seriously wanting.

He added that his relationship with the party council and membership, including provincial executives, has quite unfortunately hit ‘rock bottom’, which had brought disrepute to the party.

“It’s Basil who does not want to work with us so he must leave.

“He however, is at liberty to appeal, again in line with the party Constitution should he think he was unsatisfactorily suspended.”

He gave the reasons as to why the Council suspended Basil:

  • Pangu Pati Inc election funds raised through various fundraising events over the years are missing
  • Donations to form government after the 2017 Elections while camping in Goroka are missing;
  • Basil failed to consult the Council on important matters and making unilateral decision;
  • Failed to consult the Council before joining the Government; and
  • Failed to promote and uphold the Pangu Pati Constitution and not attending compulsory party meetings and funding party operations.

Meantime, General Secretary of the Party, Morris Tovebae, said most decisions that Basil had made were just for his personal benefits.

(Sam Basil file picture)

Freddy Mou