Basil clarifies move to Government

​Pangu Pati leader and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil has clarified that his move to the O’Neill-Abel Government was to make sure law enforcement agencies must not be controlled by politicians.

He said politicians legislate and empower law enforcement agencies while the law enforcers’ duty must be to enforce the law without fear or favour.

“We must not have institutional and professional identity crisis in our respective roles. Politicians must deal with politics in the political arena.

“I have already said that Pangu Pati will support the Independent Commission Against Corruption bill, which has been outstanding for a long time – and we will support bills that will empower rather than disempower law enforcement agencies.

“Everyone votes MPs with the view that we want a good government – not a perceived corrupt one.”

Basil said as a former Opposition MP – a Deputy Leader of Opposition – he was at the forefront of this fight against corruption for most of his two terms in the National Parliament.

However, Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch said Basil’s move to the Government did not dissolve the Alliance rather it strengthened their numbers to fight for corruption and other major issues affecting the country.

He said the two main issues the Opposition will be fighting for is to underwrite improved living standards, and greater prosperity for our nation, and stand united against the mindless borrowing – and waste – that has been a centerpiece of the O’Neill Government policy over the past five years.

Freddy Mou
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