Basil clarifies his suspension

Pangu Pati leader, Sam Basil, has brushed aside claims of his suspension by the party’s executive council.

He said the decision made for his suspension is illegal as those executives have been sidelined.

In a media conference, Basil clarified that such announcement were made just to bring instability to the party.

He added that such infighting in the party was not a new issue as he had experienced such when taking the lead in the party.

He said the Courts have ordered for the executives namely Party President, Patrick Pundao, and General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, to meet with other executives on April 19 but they did not attend.

Basil added that important decisions have been made during that meeting which sidelined Pundao and Tovebae.

“So many executive members are not genuine and without proper qualifications.”

He said the leadership of the Pangu Pati was entirely dictated by the Parliamentary wing and not by the executives.

Meantime, Pundao and Tovebae in a media conference on Tuesday announced that Basil was suspended from the party.

Reasons as to why the Council suspended Mr Basil include missing funds donated to form government after the 2017 election, failure to consult the Council on important matters, and failure to promote and uphold the Pangu Pati Constitution.

Freddy Mou