APEC will go ahead after elections: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has assured APEC Security Partners that the international meet will go ahead after the elections.

O’Neill said he is confident he will have the numbers to form the next government, and dismissed any doubt of a new government reviewing and possibly putting off the hosting of the APEC meet.

He said this during the APEC Security Partners Working Group sixth (SPWG6) meeting.

“Papua New Guinea is right now in the middle of an election and you will be hearing some political debates around APEC as well,” said O’Neill.

“But I can assure you that some of the minor parties who say they will review the APEC arrangements certainly will not have the numbers to form Government come a few months’ time.

“So you can be rest assured that the APEC hosting will continue, we will need your support in the security area and we know this is a unique opportunity for Papua New Guinea for the first time hosting an event as such,” he added.

The SPWG6 meeting included presentations and discussions on the 2018 APEC coordination and security preparations.

There will also be feedback from security partners from Australia, New Zealand and United States.

A set of outcomes will be endorsed by the SPWG6 to close the meeting.

Cedric Patjole