Air Niugini clarifies ‘in flight’ incident

Air Niugini has confirmed receiving a report from its international crew in regard to an incident onboard the airline’s flight to Singapore early this week.

In a statement today, the airline management wishes to make it clear that there was no hijacking or attempted hijacking as reported by the media.

However, it was reported that a male adult passenger on board the Singapore flight inflated a lifejacket in the aircraft, drawing attention from the crew and the passengers.

The cabin crew attended to the situation and resolved it in a controlled manner.

“At no time was the safety of the flight or its passengers and crew at risk. The passenger showed no signs of aggression,” the airline stated.

The airline crew are trained to handle such situations and in this instance brought the situation under control.

The aircraft landed safely in Singapore. The matter was reported to the respective authorities in Singapore.

Relevant authorities in PNG have been notified and further investigations are continuing.

Loop PNG published a story by a passenger, Mathew Minape who was on the flight and experience the ordeal.

Freddy Mou