Abducted toddler found after one year

A toddler who was allegedly abducted over a year ago in one of Port Moresby’s busiest markets has been found and returned to his parents.

The alleged kidnappers from the Enga province this week appeared at the Waigani National Court following their arrest on November 1.

Denis Kandaro, 47, and Save Kandaro, 40, from Yomondi village, Laiagam district, appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar where their charge was read and explained to them in court before their case was adjourned pending police investigations.

It is alleged that on 3 March 2016 at about 11am, they took a toddler, who was aged 1 year, 8-months, from his mother at Gordon market, Port Moresby, before taking him to Enga.

The child was allegedly stolen while the mother was attending to his older sibling, who was sick at the time.

Four days after the child went missing, a pastor claiming to have known the whereabouts of the child made contact with his mother after reports were filed with police.

He requested flex cards from the mother and asked for K10,000 to be given for the child’s return. That amount increased to K20,000 but the mother insisted on giving what she had – just K3,000.

The requests for flex cards continued till November 1, 2017, where police used GPS tracking system to locate and apprehend the man who was impersonating a pastor and his wife at Manu Autoport.

Their arrest led investigators to the alleged child abductors, who flew into Port Moresby the next day from Enga.

The child was returned to his mother while the alleged abductors were arrested and charged with three counts of stealing a child under section 361 (a) (b) of criminal code act, extortion under section 390A (a) (b) and deprivation of liberty under section 355 (a) (b) of the PNG criminal code act.

They will return to court on 16th of January, 2018. 

Tracey Parr