2mil Digicel customers reminded to register SIM

Digicel has been working for months to engage all of its 2 million customers and remind them that they must register their SIM or face the genuine fact that they will be disconnected if they fail to register.

As the largest mobile network provider in PNG, the telecommunication firm is reminding its customers that the countdown is now on.

There won't be any further extensions, and Digicel has started to test systems to deactivate un-registered SIMs.

Digicel PNG Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson, commented: “Our 2 million customers are very important to us, and we want to ensure they all remain connected. People still have time to register their SIM card and protect their number and connectivity.

“We can't stress enough that people will be disconnected after the end of July.

“Registering your SIM will only take 5minutes and protects your number. The form only requires basic information about the SIM owner. We will require a form of photo ID, or another ID to verify your identity.

“The SIM registration is not a new thing. Mobile phone providers globally follow this process of registration,” she added.

“Our Digicel registration forms are available across the country. Our friendly teams will assist you to have these forms completed and then register your SIM. Your number is then safe and locked to you.

“Your SIM allows to you receive and take - 1. Phone calls 2. SMS 3. Emails (via data). If you don't register your SIM, you will also lose connectivity to social media. This means no more data to access your Facebook page or Instagram account.

“Digicel has outlets located right across the country in convenient locations. They are located within all the major city and country locations, shopping centres, and special kiosks scattered throughout towns. So register today, don't wait till the last minute, it only takes 5 minutes to save your SIM,” McPherson stated.  

Digicel subscribers can also call the Customer Care on 123 for more information about the SIM registration.


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