15-year sentence for Kimbe robbery

A man from Kandrian coast who was involved in an armed robbery in Kimbe town in February last year has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Acting Judge Nicholas Miviri of the Kimbe National Court sentenced Steven Wickless.

A robbery committed on 13 February 2017, in the heart of all business activities, metres from the police station, the court premises and West New Britain Provincial Government headquarters, was described by the court as a “daring and dangerous robbery” which saw the group walk away with K29,419.14.

Kimbe’s City Pharmacy was held up by eight men armed with knives, homemade and pump action shot guns. 

One of the employees, Natalie Petrus, was used as a shield to come out of the scene to escape, which was seen by the court as a serious aggravation of the offence. She has since resigned after the robbery, including the manager.

Steven Wickless, who was a resident at Gigo 2 Settlement, originally from the Kandrian area, was one of those involved in the robbery.

It was foiled as they were apprehended outside the pharmacy.

Wickless was serving a five year sentence when he escaped custody and committed the armed robbery.

Acting Judge Nicholas Miviri sentenced him to 15 years in jail after an early plea.


Sally Pokiton