11 policemen rearrested, charged for stealing

The cases of 12 policemen charged for being in possession of stolen properties were struck out of Court.

However, eleven of them were rearrested and charged by members of the Policing the Police Task Force Team for the same offences.

The 12 policemen appeared in court today charged for stealing valuable items at the height of the 2018 APEC security allowance saga, which led to the storming of parliament by disgruntled members of the Police and Correctional Services.

Members of the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT), set up by Commissioner Gari Baki, acted four days later by raiding the Kila and Badili Police Barracks in the National Capital District, where these 12 policemen were arrested and some of the stolen properties were recovered.

The 12 policemen accused of stealing were named as:

  • Constable Collins Sina, 36 years old;
  • Constable Llyod Laka, 25 years old;
  • Raja Kala, 35 years old;
  • Constable Warimo Vavine, 42 years old;
  • Constable Keith Bobby, 43 years old;
  • Constable Henao Pokana, 28 years old;
  • Constable Morgen Rancha;
  • Senior Constable Manu Kila, 44 years old;
  • Senior constable Ane Is, 43 years old;
  • Constable Kila Ute, 37 years old;
  • Constable Geno; and
  • Sergeant Richard Gei, 55 years old.

They were locked up at the Boroko police station cells but later released on K300 bail each until their appearance today at the Boroko District Court House.

Police prosecutors cited flaws in the charges and requested for amendments to be made at today’s hearing but the lawyer representing the accused policemen objected and the case was struck out of court.

The flaws include the insertion of incorrect information pertaining to the date and place of the alleged offences. The policemen were allegedly in possession of water dispensers believed to be stolen from the Sir John Guise Stadium.

This was after prison wardens and police personnel protested and rampaged at the parliament on November 20, soon after the conclusion of the 2018 APEC Summit in Port Moresby.

Upon receiving the court’s decision, the accused were momentarily delighted but upon their exit from the court house, eleven of them were rounded up again by members of the PTPTFT and charged accordingly.

Constable Morgen Rancha escaped from the court house today but is expected to be rearrested and charged soon.

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