​PM welcomes NA’s withdrawal

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the decision by the Parliamentary Wing of the National Alliance party to withdraw from the Government in the lead-up to elections.

“The decision has been expected for some time, and the party continuing in the Government would have been hypocritical considering recent outbursts by some members,” the Prime Minister said.

“We thank them for their support over the past five years and their commitment to the policies and economic decisions of the Government.

“The policies of the PNC-led Government are the policies that NA members voted for and supported in Parliament.

“Their actions and comments during the course of this election campaign clearly reflect their current mind-set, where political convenience is being placed ahead of national interest.”

The PM says the people of this nation want to hear genuine and honest policy debate.

“So while some candidates might be tempted to now attack the same policies they once passionately supported, in doing so they are only harming their own credibility.

“We wish them well over the elections in the coming weeks.”

(GOOD TIMES: PM O’Neill, left, NA Party leader Patrick Pruaitch and State Enterprises Minister William Duma before last year’s Government caucus in Milne Bay)

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