​Lutheran Church loses its senior pastor

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG has lost one of its senior pastors, theologian, profound philosopher and academic, Rev. Dr. Zirajukic Kemung.

He was called home to rest on Saturday, 23rd Sept, while preaching at the pulpit.

After a short introduction of his sermon, he said a word of prayer and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead after an hour.

In a statement, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea said: “Rev. Dr. Kemung was awarded his Doctorate in Theology from Neudettlesau, Germany, in 1996.

“He was the second among four Papua New Guinean Lutheran theologians who held a Doctorate in Theology; the late Dr. Wesley Kigasung, the former head bishop; Rev. Dr. Michael Wann, current principal at the Martin Luther Seminary in Lae and Dr. Rev. Kiki, dean of the Ministry Faculty at the Pacific Theological College, Fiji.”

Late Kemung began his pastoral ministry in 1979 in the rural mountains of Teptep between Madang and Morobe. He then went to serve in Goroka in 1980. By 1982 he became a lecturer at the Martin Luther Seminary and served there for 35 years until his passing.

“During his service at Martin Luther Seminary, he went to further his studies in Australia, in USA and in Germany where he got his Doctorate in Theology,” said the ELPNG.

The haus krai is at his residence at the Martin Luther Seminary, Lae.

The funeral service will be held on Friday, 06th Oct, at the Martin Luther Seminary’s chapel. He will be flown on 7th Oct to his home in Finschhafen to be laid to rest.

 For more information on funeral service, haus krai and contributions, contact Ms. Kaire Kemung on 7001 1857, or email: wguti@elcpng.org


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